"If you like an old dirt road that winds through the hills like a misty dream in a world of make-believe, turn off Arkansas State Highway 23 a few miles south of Eureka Springs and head toward Hog Scald. No signs mark the way and traffic is noted for its absence. The erosion of time has stamped out the ruts and hoofprints of other years, but the spirit of the old trail remains.

It is a byway to an undiscovered country, as far as tourists are concerned, but for riches and tradition and excellence of scenic beauty, it can not be surpassed in the Ozark highlands."

~ Otto Ernest Rayburn, 1941

The Origins of Hogscald
The Church at Hogscald
Hogscald as Community Center
Hogscald Today
Hogscald During the Civil War
Uncle Jap's Whiskey Coup